👋 I am Chamath Palihawadana.

Software Engineer | PhD Candidate | Co-Founder

I am an accomplished software engineer/innovator with over 5 years of experience building web and mobile applications. I am passionate about innovation and have a proven track record of delivering efficient, high-quality, and scalable software solutions.

StartUp Ventures

The ideal LMS solution for teachers and educational institutes alike! Smooth and hassle-free experience from virtual classrooms to managing payments and everything in between.

  • 2020-Present

Attendr aims to provide a convenient, low-cost, real-time attendance management solution for higher education institutes who want to accurately and efficiently record attendance.

  • 2019-Present

SurfEdge (PVT) Ltd which is an Innovation based Technology Sri Lankan company established in 2014. Over the years SurfEdge has released numerous products, services and joint ventures which have played a key role in the disruption of their respective fields.

  • 2014-2022


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